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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Antonio Del Prete, Simon Rex, Dree Hemingway, Michael Azria, Monique Gabriela Curnan, Bobby Hosea

Director: Lichelli Lazar-Lea

Genre: Drama

Year: 2009

Rating: N/A

An ordinary guy escapes his turbulent home life when he is invited to an exclusive Hollywood party by his movie star friend, only to discover that there's more to the glamorous world than meets the eye.

Pablo is a man who has had the dream of becoming a famous Artist among the Hollywood scene but after the arrival of his baby his home life has taken priority over those dreams and he seems to have hit a wall with his relationship with his wife. All of that changes when his now famous actor friend, Kane invites him to an exclusive Hollywood party. Pablo feels that this can be the opportunity to get his work out there but what awaits him is a world he never knew existed behind all the glamour. Lichelli Lazar-Lea, is an award winning short filmmaker and screenwriter and this is her debut feature film and I have to say that it's an impressive first effort. Like any character-driven film you need a story that is going to grab hold of the audience and "The Truth about Angels" does just that, it captivates and draws you in to the seedy underworld Pablo knew nothing about but wished to be a part of. Another key to a good character-driven story is it's cast and what you have here is some of the best hot talent there is. Antonio Del Prete is no stranger to TV and film and he is fantastic as Pablo, a man who shows confidence at what he does but at the same time he shows the innocence of knowing nothing about the world he just entered. The rest of the cast including Simon Rex as his actor friend and Monique Gabriela Curnen as Pablo's wife who has reached her breaking point in their relationship are terrific as well.

There is a simple story here so to tell too much about what happens is sure to ruin it so I will not go on about the story. I was taken in by this film, the story of a man who seems lost but finds that what he thought he wanted was not it at all and that his true happiness was waiting for him at home. Independent cinema is where you find gems like this one, a story that pulls you in and leaves you thinking about it and even your own life long after it's over. If you like a good drama I highly recommend picking this up when it becomes available, The "Truth about Angels" is a thought-provoking film that has a lasting effect, a must-see film that deserves a large audience.

Released by Indican Pictures

***** Out Of *****

THE TRUTH ABOUT ANGELS Trailer - A Lichelli Lazar-Lea Film from Lichelli Lazar-Lea on Vimeo.