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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Richard Basch, Nathaniel Freeman, Mark Haynes, Neil Johnson, James Metropole, Michael Nankin, Michael Reaves, Armin Shimerman, George Takei, Dave Taylor, William and Chawn Watkins, Chris Wyatt, Marc and Elaine Zicree

Director: Ana Barredo

Genre: Documentary

Year: 2011

Rating: NR

For nearly 20 years, a group of tenacious individuals meet every Thursday to discuss their strategies on breaking into the exclusive club known as Hollywood. The group is called The Table.

Ana Barredo’s documentary, "The Table" is a about a group of people, professionals in some form of entertainment who meet at a specific place and talk about where they are as far as work goes, they also discuss ideas and offer help to each other if needed. The group was founded by Writer/Producer/Directors Marc and Elaine Zicree and their active participants in it as well.

One might think this documentary is about a group of people looking for a break in Hollywood who meet to cry the blues about their struggles but The "Table" couldn't be anymore different. There are a number of people that attend who have had great success like Marc Zicree(The Twilight Zone Companion, Sliders) himself so it's a very productive thing He helped create and many people benefit from it. I suppose to some people Hollywood is all about big money, fast cars and beautiful women, that might be true for a chosen few but there are many more talented entertainers in Hollywood who are looking for that next break.

This Documentary was filmed over the time span of one year, it follows the group as each one attempts to reach certain goals. To go into the individual stories here would only ruin the film for those who want to see it so I will leave out any details. "The Table" is many things, to those that attend it's a god-sent, for those that watch the film from a theater room or their living room it's completely different. The film is an eye-opening, thought-provoking and inspiring film about a group of people who are looking for work in a cut-throat business that seems to cater to only a chosen few. Is the way Hollywood works wrong? You bet it is but the film is not about the Hollywood you see about on your TV, this is about the "other" Hollywood, the one that has many very talented members who are not looking for any hand-outs, all they want is the chance to showcase their talent.

The film is dedicated to one of it's members Actor | Writer | Director, James Troesh who passed away shortly after the film was finished. Another true talent gone too soon, may He rest in peace.

"The Table" is about the struggles and success of it's members so for the most part it's a feel good atmosphere but I couldn't help but have a little anger over the fact that it seems very much like there's a "it's who you know" thing going on in Hollywood and here we get to see so many talented people struggle to get their next job. The meetings have attracted many big name Professionals such as Guillermo Del Toro (director, Pan's Labyrinth), George Takei (actor, Star Trek), Armin Shimerman (actor, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), and Chris Wyatt (producer, Napoleon Dynamite) which is a terrific thing and I'm sure that list will continue to grow. I highly recommend seeing this film whenever you have the chance, "The Table" is about a group of talented, caring, hard working people that get together to listen and help each other in their profession...that is nothing short of awesome and I take my hat off to each and everyone of them.

You can find out more about the film at it's Official site HERE and at it's Facebook Page HERE.

***** Out Of *****