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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: AJ Bowen, Douglas Tait

Director: Adam Edward Brooks

Genre: Horror

Year: 2008

Rating: NR

Rural Iowa. A Quaint Store. Strangers, deemed suitable breeders, find their vehicles sabotaged. Before dawn, they become subjected to the unholy practices of the excommunicated Amish family, as well as several genetically defective ‘kin’ amongst them.

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A horror film with an interesting and engaging story and characters developed enough to invest in them, who knew there were horror films like this still being made? Well there is and "The Season" is one of them, the film takes the traditional horror themes and adds characters and a story that the audience takes to right from the start. The film is about three cars full of strangers who all stop by a Amish community to get gas and ask for directions but what they don't know is it is that time of the "Season" again, a time when unsuspecting strangers are selected to breed with the local women to keep the blood line alive. I like the way all the different characters had their own little story going, it kept the film fresh and exciting. I am not going to give anyway any more of the story here since I believe this is one horror film that deserves to be seen rather then told about. I can tell you these victims must fight to get away alive from the Amish folk and their mutant siblings. The cast is made up of mostly unknowns, the only actor that you might recognize is AJ Bowen who was in 2007's "The Signal." The entire cast does a terrific job playing their characters and making them as believable as possible for a film such as this. The film is creepy in that it makes you wonder how many deranged people like this are really out there even today. The Season provides enough gore to keep fans pleased but it also as a story that is full of depth and characters you feel for. The film is left opened, I am not sure there will be a sequel or not but I would like to see where they take it. Everything about the film worked well including the cinematography, settings and music, together they all helped in setting the right atmosphere needed to make it work. A Throwback of sorts, The Season is one of the better horror films I have had the pleasure of seeing in some time. Director, Adam Edward Brooks not only has a sense for horror but also for some excellent story-telling and I look forward to seeing what he comes up with next.

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The DVD comes with Special Features that include:

Audio Commentary with filmmaker Adam Edward Brooks


Deleted Scenes

Still Gallery

Released by Cinema Epoch

**** Out Of *****