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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Bruno Campos, Anika Noni Rose, Keith David, Jenifer Lewis

Director: Ron Clements;John Musker

Genre: Family/Animation

Year: 2009

Rating: G

Down in New Orleans during the fabulous Jazz Age, young Princess Tiana (voice of Anika Noni Rose) searches for true love and comes face-to-face with snooty debutante Charlotte (Jennifer Cody), ancient voodoo priestess Mama Odie (Jennifer Lewis) and the evil Dr. Facilier (Keith David). But with the help of her mother (Oprah Winfrey), a crooning alligator and other friends, Tiana's fairy-tale dreams may come true after all.

After "Home on the Range" came and went in 2004 it seemed like that was going to be the death of hand-drawn animated films from Disney, after that they put their focus on CGI animated films and well you know the results up till now. I love the new films as much as anyone but you can't help but miss the classic style, there is no denying it's beauty so I was really excited when The Princess and the Frog was being done "old school" style and the finished product not only earned an Oscar nod but the film doesn't disappoint fans of the old style either. The story follows Tiana, a young woman whose only concern is to make her father proud by opening a restaurant of her own. But it seems fate has other plans for her when she meets Prince Naveen, a visiting Prince who has been turned into a frog by a 'shadow man' named Dr Facilier. The story brings with it fresh ideas in that it takes the traditional fair tale and turns it on it's head as well as having some interesting and even funny characters along the way. Another highlight to the film are the songs by Randy Newman, his tunes make New Orleans in the film a lively, fun place to escape to. This is a wonderful fantasy film that takes us back to the old days when we couldn't wait to see a new Disney Animated film that delivered not only on fun but on story as well and The Princess and the Frog does just that. This is a film you can't help but love and it is one the entire family can enjoy together over and over again. I was left feeling really good after watching this as well as having a song or two stuck in my head and that is never a bad thing. Cute,unpredictable and totally fantastic, pick this up today. The film will be available on Single Disc Widescreen DVD, Three Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo with Digital Copy and Single Disc Blu-ray. Also it comes packed with special features that include:

Play Movie with “Work in Progress”

Backstage Disney

Deleted Scenes

Bringing Life to Animation

Filmmaker Intros and Audio Commentary

Magic in the Bayou: The Making of a Princess

The Return to Hand Drawn Animation

The Disney Legacy

Disney’s Newest Princess

The Princess and the Animator

Conjuring the Villain

A Return to the Animated Musical

Art Galleries

Disney Family Play

“What Do You See?” Princess Portrait Game

Music & More

“Never Knew I Needed” Music Video by Ne-Yo

Easter Egg: Drawing the Frog"

Released by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment

**** Out Of *****