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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Liam Neeson, Antonio Banderas, Laura Linney, Romola Garai, Craig Parkinson

Director: Richard Eyre

Genre: Drama/Thriller

Year: 2009

Rating: R

Over dinner, Peter's (Liam Neeson) wife, Lisa (Laura Linney), essentially reveals that she's been cheating on him -- and then disappears the following day. Obsessed with learning the details, Peter tracks down Ralph (Antonio Banderas), Lisa's lover. Believing Ralph doesn't know who he is, Peter plays little games with him in an effort to quell his own despair.

A film that has a cast that includes Liam Neeson,Antonio Banderas and Laura Linney has to be at least a decent watch you would think. The biggest problem I found about this film was that the trailer billed it as a revenge thriller but the film is more drama than it is anything else. That being said, for what it is I found it to be an interesting film with interesting characters. The story for what it was is pretty good, the pace is deliberately slow revealing small pieces of the puzzle at a time. I have not gone into anymore story details then what is written above because to do so might ruin the film entirely for those that are wanting to see it. I suggest not reading about this film at all before seeing it because there is a major twist towards the end of the film and it would be a shame to find out what it is before seeing it for yourself. There are better films out in this genre but the cast makes the film better than it should of been. Liam Neeson is at his best has the husband who begins to suspect his wife had an affair when he begins to find clues she left behind. Also Antonio Banderas is excellent as well playing the lover and Laura Linney who is seen mainly in flashbacks is terrific in her limited but very important role. If you like a drama that makes you think then this one is for you just don't expect an all out thriller here or you will be disappointed. In the end I found it to be an entertaining piece of work that kept me interested the entire time despite it's slow pace.

Released by Image Entertainment

*** 1/2 Out Of *****