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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Derek Lee Nixon,Kerry Wallum,Oscar Lusth,Joe Estevez,Cathy Baron

Director: John Sjogren

Genre: Horror

Year: 2009

Rating: NR

When four friends take a road trip together they get more than they could of ever expected. While watching the spectacular light show someone is watching, waiting to make their move. Now the only question that remains is will they get out alive.

The Lights is a new Independent horror flick that will be released on December 8th by Osiris Entertainment. The film moves along at a slow pace to start, you get to know the four friends a little and you also learn about the local legend that killed his wife and others years before, by most accounts the crazed killer is also dead. Early on the killings I thought for the most part were a bit tame, you got some blood but most of it was off camera, I am sure the budget had a lot to do with this. Joe Estevez plays the local store owner and Sheriff of the town who attempts to warn the teens to go home but they haven't come this far to just turn around and go home and miss the incredible sky show. Before long they are face to face with the killer everyone thought was long dead and they must fight for their lives. The last half hour or so of the film you get a much better amount of gore as well as a lot more action and suspense. Also the ending was pretty cool as well and left the film only for a sequel if they want to do you and with a little more of a budget I think they could make an even better film. The Lights does start off slow like I said before but do not become bored early and turn it off,stick with it and you will be rewarded. The Lights themselves play an important role in the film as well,I am not going to give any of it anyway but it is a nice,original twist added to the story. The acting was average but for the budget it was what I expected and all the actors did a pretty good job playing their characters. Certainly not the best horror flick ever but I did find it entertaining and like a stated before the end was very well done and the film had a nice mystery feel to it. If your a horror buff you are going to want to mark this one down and pick it up when it debuts on DVD, what starts off as a slow moving film becomes more sinister and bloody as it moves along, you also get a few nice edge of your seat moments as well making this a enjoyable little Indie flick. The DVD comes with Special Features that include:

Behind The Scenes Footage

Interview with Joe Estevez

Production Gallery

Original Artwork

Released by Osiris Entertainment.

*** Out Of *****