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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Miley Cyrus, Greg Kinnear, Liam Hemsworth, Kelly Preston, Bobby Coleman, Hallock Beals, Nick Lashaway, Carly Chaikin, Kate Vernon, Melissa Ordway, Nick Searcy

Director: Julie Anne Robinson

Genre: Drama/Romance

Year: 2010

Rating: PG

17-year-old Ronnie Miller, a rebellious former piano prodigy who doesn't hide her hostility after being sent off to spend the summer in Georgia with her estranged father. Rebuffing her dad's attempts to reconnect, the aloof Ronnie begins to thaw when she meets beach volleyballer Will Blakelee.

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The Last Song is based on a Nicholas Spark's novel so you should know what to expect here but if not I will tell you a little about it all. The film is filled with several genres, you have the romance between the young girl and her new boyfriend, there is also some light comedic moments in the film as well and lastly there is plenty of drama to go around. The story focuses on Ronnie, a 17-year-old girl who at one point seemed to have a lot going for her, she was very talented at both singing and playing the piano until her mom and dad got a divorce. After that she gave it all up. Ronnie seems to have held it against her father ever since and when she and her brother go to spend the summer at their father's beach house the sparks fly. That is the basic set-up of the story and to go into more details would only ruin the film for those waiting to see it. Like I said the film has a nice mix of comedy, drama and romance and director, Julie Anne Robinson does a great job at keeping the pace fast even during the more dramatic scenes. The cast here was excellent, Miley Cyrus does a good job at playing Ronnie, I know there is a lot of people out there that having negative things to say about her talents but give the film and her a chance and I think you will be surprised at just how well she can handle a role with this much depth. Kelly Preston is very good as her mom in a some what limited role. But the real stars of the film are Greg Kinnear as the father and Bobby Coleman as the brother. Kinnear is one of the most under-rated actors going, he is known for his more comedic roles but he nails the performance here in both his comedic and dramatic scenes. Coleman also does a terrific job as the younger brother, he was very believable in his role and I see a bright future for this talented young actor. Also before I forget Liam Hemsworth is also very good as the boyfriend that is hiding a secret which may just ruin his chance at love. There is certainly better films in the genre but The Last Song is an entertaining tear-jerker that is funny at times, sad and in the end it is an inspiring and hopeful film. If you liked the author's other works that were made into films such as "The Notebook" then you are sure to enjoy this one. Plus the performance by Greg Kinnear is worth the price of admission on it's own.

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The DVD and Bul-ray editions both come with Special Features that include:

Set Tour with Bobby Coleman – In this featurette, we’ll go on a behind-the-scenes guided tour, hosted by Bobby Coleman. This rambunctious eight-year old will bring his fans along as he does everything from interview Adam Shankman, Miley’s security team, to going on a seashell scavenger hunt. Audiences will have an all access pass to see how a film is made through the eyes of the new up-and-comer and star of The Last Song, Bobby Coleman.

Making of the Music Video, “When I Look At You“ with Miley Cyrus – Go behind-the-scenes of the music video, “When I Look At You”. It will feature recording studio footage, b-roll from the set, interviews with Miley and crew, clips from the film and music video. Audiences will learn how the film’s motif, southern summer romance, is incorporated into feel and theme of the music video

Miley Cyrcus Music Video: “When I Look At you”

Audio Commentary – with Director Julie Anne Robinson and Co-Producer Jennifer Gibgot

Released by Touchstone Pictures. **** Out Of *****