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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Adam Hatley, Tom Jay Jones, Daren Dukes, David Evette, Joey Nesta, Brandon Gibson, Ralph Hatley, Josephine Hatley, Shanola Hampton

Director: Neil H. Weiss

Genre: Thriller/Mystery

Year: 2010

Rating: NR

Seven irrevocably damaged social misfits come together in a chat room, looking for understanding and compassion, but ultimately making a suicide pact. One by one, they come together in a remote, abandoned barn to await their "savior," chipping away the mask of cyber nicknames, fictional personas and the anonymity of the Web. Soco, a volatile hick, most eager and first to arrive; Spaceshot, most openly vulnerable; Miles, who dreads the inevitable; Flash, a redneck cowboy distraught over a secret hes shared just once; X-Factor, doomed to repeat her mother's sins; LT56, a middle-aged survivor of a world-altering tragedy; and Dwarfstar, the organizer, the prophet the one bringing the solution of painless peace. But as the sun sets and Dwarfstar is yet to appear, emotions rise, the woods whisper its secrets and the facades fall aside, revealing that one of them isn't who they profess to be ...and one of them was dead before they arrived.

Independent cinema seems to be the place to find movies that are not only original but at times leave the audience either touched in some some way or they just leave you thinking about what you just seen long after it is over. The Hanged Man is a new Independent thriller from Osiris Entertainment that makes it's way to DVD on May 25th. To be honest I don't know of anything more I could say about the film that isn't already written above without ruining any of the story for those of you waiting to see it. I can speak about a few things that don't give away anything major. For starters the production is top-notch and the setting is perfect for a film such as this and it really helps add to the atmosphere and mood the director was attempting to create here. The cast is terrific, each one brings their character to life in a believable way, they cause you to care about some of them and dislike others. The film is a thriller that is over flowing with mystery, you can't take your eyes off the screen because from the opening scene of the film you are hooked and now you just hold on to your seat waiting to see what happens next. The characters all have a past that haunts them and through flashbacks you really get an idea of how their lives were before they arrived at this run down barn. The tension and suspense at times becomes so thick you could cut through it with a knife but the film also contains some good humor and dramatic scenes as well to create a perfect story. I am not attempting too offend anyone but this might be a little too intelligent a thriller for some of you out their simply because you have to work to the end to really appreciate this original and clever film. I was taken back to the days when this type of film was common place, like the Hitchcock movies and I was left wondering why Hollywood cannot make films like this that grab a hold of it's audience and not only entertain them but also challenge them to think. I suppose no one has that answer but I am sure glad there are still some film-makers around with original ideas. The Hanged Man is a film for movie lovers that look for films like this but often come up empty, thank goodness Osiris Entertainment found this gem and now everyone can have a chance to see it. There is so much to like here that I highly suggest owning this DVD, The Hanged Man is a film you will be telling friends and family about as well as watching a few times yourself.

Released by Osiris Entertainment

***** Out Of ******