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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Elizabeth Di Prinzio, Sarah Kathryn Harrison, Bill Oberst Jr., Grey Damon

Director: Tom Hardy

Genre: Thriller/Horror

Year: 2009

Rating: N/A

A night of sex, drugs and partying in the Hollywood Hill's is the perfect setting for Serina's 18th birthday - until this high school pool party goes horribly wrong when someone begins killing everyone.

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The Devil Within if you read off the art-work is compared to "Scream" and "Mean Girls" and for good reason but it also brings it's own ideas into the fold, the story is about a group of high-school students who are preparing to attend the 18th birthday of one the female students. Right off the bat you get the sense there is a lot of jealousy and other negative feelings going around so you figure this party should be interesting to say the least. There's lying, cheating and back-stabbing going on and right in the middle of all that someone begins to kill off the students one by one, the person wears a hood so you never know who it is till the end. The Devil Within doesn't have the budget or big name stars that "Scream" had but it is much more brutal, the killings scenes are cool and bloody and the film shows plenty of naked ladies for the guys as well. The story starts off a bit slow to introduce us to the characters and their motives before getting into the carnage which I thought was good because you then at least get to know them a little and in turn can care about them in one way or another. The DVD cover-art states on the back there's a twist ending and I am glad to say that there is and it caught me off guard for sure, Director, Tom Hardy did a great job of hiding the identity of the killer till the very end. This was a great ending and they even left it open for a sequel which I certainly would not be against. I found this to be a mix bag of genres including drama and horror but I thought it all fit together very well and the production values where pretty good considering the budget this must of had. The acting was also solid for a cast you most likely never seen before, there are plenty of beautiful and talented actors in the film. The title might seem a little misleading but it fits the story and characters perfectly. If you like a good slasher flick I recommend picking this one up, over-all for what it is I thought this was one of the better slasher films to come out in some time,brutal, dramatic, a little funny and a hell of a good time. You can Pre-order the DVD HERE. In the end the film offered everything you want in a slasher film and more.

Released by Seminal Films

**** Out Of *****