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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Rob Freeman, Prince David Osei

Director: Howard Ford, Jonathan Ford

Genre: Horror

Year: 2010

Rating: R

After crashing off the coast, Lt. Brian Murphy battles for survival across the vast terrains of Africa in search for a way to get back to his beloved family. Joined by local military man Daniel Dembele, who is also searching for his son, both men join forces, all the while battling against the ever-present threat of the living dead!

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You don't have to look far anymore to find a dose of flesh eating zombies because they seem to be everywhere from movies to television. So you might wonder what makes "The Dead" any different, for starters Brothers Howard and Jon Ford have create a simple yet very effective low-key survival film about two men from different sides who decide to join together to find their loved ones against a horde of zombies. "The Dead" is a beautiful film to look at set in rural Africa which in itself is very original. The make-up effects are very good and there's plenty of zombie fun for all fans to enjoy.

The cast did a great job, in particular the film's two main leads, Rob Freeman and Prince David Osei. They both give effective if not sober performances in an already realistic setting. To talk plot too much would only cause spoilers since it's already a simple story so I am not going to give anymore of the story away here.

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"The Dead" is a unique film that breathes new life into Romero's zombies, you know the slow moving kind. If you're a fan of zombies then this one is not to be brings a much needed freshness to the genre and it's execution is flawless. I eagerly await to see what the Ford brothers come up with next but in the meantime I highly recommend checking this out.

Available on DVD and Blu-ray, both come with Special Features that include:

Filmmakers' Commentary

Behind The Scenes

Deleted Scene

I had a great time watching this well-made film that keeps you engaged the entire time. If you're a fan this is a must own and one of the years best horror films.

Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment

**** Out Of *****