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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: John Fantasia, Anna Ross

Director: Justin McConnell

Genre: Horror, Suspense, Thriller

Year: 2012

Rating: NR

In the wake of the end of the world, a family of four desperately tries to survive. Their goal: escaping the city and traveling to the rural community they once called home. As the constant threat of a violent death forces them to stay as far away from civilization as possible, they take to the forest, only to discover the danger posed by other survivors may be the least of their worries.

"The Collapsed" focuses on the Weaver family, father Scott, young adult son Aaron, mother Emily, and teenage daughter Rebecca as they desperately try to survive after an apocalyptic event has left things unsafe. Fleeing the city, the family hopes to find sanctuary in a rural hometown from their past, Dover's Bend and they also hope to find their other son there alive and well. They take to the forest in hopes of avoiding the constant treat from other it doesn't take long for them to figure out the someone or something is following them.

Done on a low budget the film stands out because of it's impressive direction and cast of unknowns that give realistic and believable performances. Director, Justin McConnell knows how to make the most out of what he has to work with, He doesn't have any fancy effects or tons of action to help in carrying the film, instead he has created a strong story that is full of tension and suspense that engages the audience. You get a mixed amount of genres here including drama, sci-fi and even a bit of horror, together they keep you glued to the screen the entire time waiting and wondering what is going to happen next.

The characters are very well-written which makes it very easy to have feelings towards them which is important in a movie such as this. The film is set mostly in the forest which allows for the perfect atmosphere and the cinematography is brilliant. Post-Apocalypse Films are numerous but this one stands out because you have a actual story here about a family that you care about and the writing is amazing allowing for more suspense than 10 Hollywood films combined.

"The Collapsed" gets your attention right from the start and it keeps you hanging on to the edge of your seat all the way to it's shocking ending. If you like the genre I highly recommend checking this film out, it's one of those little gems you will to glad you found.

Available on DVD, the film comes with Special Features that include:

Cast & Crew Bios

Original Score Jukebox & Free MP3 Album download link

Artwork & Photo Gallery

Audio Commentary with Actor John Fantasia

Music Video: Rob Kleiner - "Devil in Disguise"

Audio Commentary with Writer/Director/Producer Justin McConnell & Co-Story/Co-Producer Kevin Hutchinson


QR Code Weblink - Feature Length Behind-the-Scenes documentary - "Apocalypse On A Budget" & Original Screenplay

Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment

**** Out Of *****