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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Jang Dong-kun

Director: Kim Ki-duk

Genre: Action | Drama | War

Year: 2002

Rating: R

Private Kang (Jang Dong-kun) monitors a stretch of the South Korean coast lined with barbed-wire fencing. Driven by the belief that killing a spy is the highest honor, Kang eagerly awaits a chance to prove his worth as a soldier. One night, he mistakes a promiscuous couple for North Korean spies and shoots without hesitation. Despite receiving honors, he slowly begins to unravel under the grief of his actions. As he loses his grip on reality, tensions and paranoia escalate and further tragedy becomes unavoidable.

The Coast Guard won acclaimed director Kim Ki-Duk a FIPRESCI Prize for its strong and innovative depiction of the illusion of power which destroys humanity on both sides of the fence. Originally released on DVD in 2005 "The Coast Guard" is a powerful look at the effects it has on the soldiers. I'm sure many out there have already seen this film before especially if you're a fan of Asian cinema but thanks to Palisades Tartan you can own it on for the first time on Blu-ray.

The DVD/Blu-ray Combo-Pack comes packed with never before seen Special Features which include:

Director Interview

Director Commentary

Introduction by the Director

Original Theatrical Promos

Music Video

Photo Gallery

Upcoming Release Trailers

Previously Unreleased “Making Of” Featurette

Over 30 Minutes of New Bonus Materials!

"The Coast Guard" isn't really an action film, instead it's a film about the lives of those who are effected by war, a film that is relevant even today. It's not an easy film to watch but it's an important one. I highly recommend owning this today, You can order the DVD/Blu-ray Combo Pack HERE.

Released by Palisades Tartan

**** 1/2 Out Of *****