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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Clive Owen, Laura Fraser, Emma Booth, Julia Blake, Nicholas Macanulty, George MacKay

Director: Scott Hicks

Genre: Drama

Year: 2009

Rating: PG-13

Following the sudden death of his wife, Australian sportswriter Joe Warr (Clive Owen) struggles to cope with his grief and comfort his young son (Nicholas McAnulty). Being a single father gets even trickier when Joe's rebellious teenage son from a previous marriage (George MacKay) moves in.

Director Scott Hicks helms this touching tale of a family in flux, based on a memoir by Simon Carr. The fact that this was based off of a memoir explains why the film feels so real, there no distracting subplots to get in the way and the story is straight forward. The film is about a sportswriter father, Joe who's wife suddenly passes. He is then left to care for his young son who is struggling on his own and grieving his mother's death. Joe is sports writer that was very busy at times and even spent time away from home covering events so this tragic dose of reality leaves him looking for ways to communicate with his son. It isn't long before Joe's other teenage son from another marriage comes to live with them. There are problems along the way but it seems the older boy slowly becomes that voice Joe was looking for. The film is touching, it's sad and at times it is also hilarious while maintaining the heart-felt reality we all face at some point in our lives when losing someone dear to us. Clive Owen is terrific as Joe in a role completely different than anything he has done before. The rest of the cast are just as great and each actor makes their characters very believable. This is a drama that will appeal more to adults but it is also safe enough to enjoy with the entire family as well. I connected to Joe and his son right away and found myself caring about them and hoping for the best for them as well. Also I thought it had a perfect ending. A wonderful film about grief, hope and finding the strength to move on when all seems lost. The film might borrow from others but it also brings it's own ideas and moments to the table. The beautiful landscapes of Australia and the breath-taking camera work only enhance the over feel of the film. It you like a good drama the I suggest picking this gem up, it is about an honest a film in the genre you are going to find. The DVD comes with Bonus Features that include: THE BOYS ARE BACK: A Photographic Journey With Optional Commentary By Director Scott Hicks, A Father And Two Sons, On Set.

Released by Miramax Home Entertainment.

***** Out Of *****