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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Ivo Canelas,Enrique Arce,Flora Martínez,Nicolau Breyner

Director: Leonel Vieira

Genre: Action | Comedy | Crime | Thriller

Year: 2010

Rating: N/A

Two amateur thieves are hired to steal an extremely valuable Van Gogh painting from the abandoned farm of an Argentinian countess.

These two men have no luck at all so you can only imagine the trouble they get into along the way. Compared to and called a tribute to Tarantino the film is crafted in the same style but I would like to think people would want to see and watch this as it's own film to avoid comparing and judging. It is much harder to make a film in Portugal than it is to make one in Hollywood for many reasons and most being obvious like budget, actors and such. Director, Leonel Vieira did a great job at creating interesting and sometimes zany characters. He also did a great job with the story and action considering the budget here. The style is Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez like but I thought this film had a charm all it's own. Sometimes when you have to make a film on a little resources you tend to pay more attention to the little things and I felt that was what gave this an edge. There could of been bigger action scenes with huge explosions but the film more than makes up for it in cast, cinematography and dark humor that all blend together to make The Art of Stealing a guilty pleasure that is highly entertaining. All things considered this is a nice tribute but I hope when this comes out in April on DVD people also see past that all and enjoy the film for what it is, a solid action comedy with enough of both to please any fan. Made in Portugal but the film is shot in English which is a bonus for the U.S. market as well. I enjoyed this film a lot, it is nice to find movies like you you never heard of before, Leonel Vieira has a great eye for the camera and I hope to see some of his other work in the future.

Released by Singa Home Entertainment

**** Out Of *****