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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Christopher Karl Johnson (voice), Jim tavare

Director: John Keith Wasson

Genre: Documentary/War

Year: 2012

Rating: NR

As a teenager in Nazi Germany, Jutta is shocked to discover she is Jewish. She joins the German resistance and meets Helmuth, an injured soldier. The two become sweethearts and soon co-conspirators in the final plot to assassinate Hitler.

One think is for sure, you just can't make up stories like this and that is why "Surviving Hitler: A Love Story" is so engaging and captivating. It does seem odd to see Hitler and love in the same movie title but the story of Jutta, her lover and her family is a remarkable one filled with inspiration and determination against all odds. This documentary is filled with interviews with Jutta along with many amazing photos and video footage that do an extraordinary good in helping to tell her story.

I am not going to give away details of her story here but I can tell you this is an incredible film. Originally airing on the BBC the story is about a few people that survived Hitler's reign while planning his assassination. There has been many stories told about Hitler and the people of Germany and elsewhere at the time but for once this is a feel-good story from it all. But don't be fooled there is plenty of heartache and tragedy at hand in the story as well but the fact that Jutta and her loved ones survived even after the botched assassination attempt is truly a remarkable twist of fate and a display of courage and determination unlike any other.

Loads of credit has to go out to Director, John Keith Wasson for putting this story together in a way that not only inspires but it also manages to create some suspense and drama as well. Not your usual WWII survival documentary, instead this is an uplifting tale that leaves you with a smile on your face despite all the chaos. A film not to be missed so be sure to pick it up today.

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***** Out Of *****