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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Bruce Willis, Radha Mitchell, James Cromwell, Ving Rhames, Rosamund Pike, Boris Kodjoe, James Francis Ginty

Director: Jon Mostow

Genre: Science-Fiction/Fantasy/Thriller

Year: 2009

Rating: PG-13

Director Jonathan Mostow's sci-fi thriller is set in a futuristic world in which humans hibernate at home while living their lives vicariously through robot surrogates. When a series of mysterious surrogate murders occurs, FBI agent Greer (Bruce Willis) ventures out into the world for the first time in years to investigate.

Based off the 2005-2006 Comic Book Series this is a high tech sci-fi thriller set in a time when we no longer need to leave our homes to go to work or do every day chores for that matter. Surrogates was certainly a disappointment at the box-office taking in only a little over $38M when the cost to make the film was estimated at $80M. I am not sure what the lack of interest was on this, maybe it seemed too much like past movies like "I Robot" and "Minority Report". I went into this with an open mind but didn't have my expectations set too high here, I am not sure if that helped or not but I really did enjoy this. When a few murders of surrogates happen and it also kills the real-life counterparts that are operating them two FBI agents played by Bruce Willis and Radha Mitchell go out to investigate. They soon find out the one of the victims was the son of the man that invented the surrogates. The plot gets more involved from there and to write about more would only ruin the film for those that have yet to see it. I enjoyed the murder/mystery mixed in with the high tech sci-fi settings. There is not a ton of action in this but the action that is in the film is well-placed and exciting. As an action star Bruce Willis is growing out of the genre due to just getting older but I felt he did a great job in this role.It is also noteworthy to mention that Ving Rhames is in the film as well as a man known as The Prophet, the human reservation leader and as always he does an amazing job. Surrogates borrows from a few films before it and the story may not be all that original but the execution is well done. I recommend this not only to fans of sci-fi and Willis but to those that like a good thriller in general as well. Solid entertainment that sadly got over-looked during it's theatrical run but I am sure it will do very well on Blu-ray and DVD. Bonus Features include I Will Not Bow Music Video By Breaking Benjamin, Feature Audio Commentary By Director Jonathan Mustow. Bonus Features include: Exclusive To Blu-ray: Deleted Scenes, Exclusive To Blu-ray: A More Perfect You: The Science Of Surrogates, Exclusive To Blu-ray: Breaking The Frame: A Graphic Novel Comes To Life, I Will Not Bow Music Video By Breaking Benjamin, Feature Audio Commentary By Director Jonathan Mostow.

Released by Touchstone Home Entertainment

**** Out Of *****