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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Paul Giamatti, Danny Trejo, Sheri Moon, Brian Posehn, Tom Papa

Director: Rob Zombie, Mr. Lawrence

Genre: Horror, Comedies, Animation

Year: 2009

Rating: R

Mexican wrestler El Superbeasto may be well past his prime, but that won't stop him and his sultry sister, Suzi-X, from saving the world from the greedy and evil clutches of Dr. Satan.

El Superbeasto aka is an unstoppable superhero masked wrestler, Producer/Director/Star of BeastoWorld Enterprises and world-famous man of action! In his first full-length animated adventure based on the comic book created by Rob Zombie. We all know that Rob Zombie likes to create films that are disturbing to say the least. I am on the fence when it comes to his movies but I was really looking forward to this after I read what it was about. I knew I was in for a cartoon that just might be more offensive as well as funnier than "Fritz The Cat" was. There is a lot going on in this cartoon, it is a fast paced crazy film filled with Boobs, blood and it no doubt pushes the limit as far as animation goes. If you haven't figured out by now, this is a adult comic and by no means should the little ones be allowed to watch this one. The craziness that goes on as well as the zany characters gave me some great laughs along the way. The cast was terrific but I expected that when I read the film had the voices of, Rosario Dawson,Paul Giamatti and Tom Papa taking the leads. This is one of those films that has to be seen really, I mean I can sit here and tell you all about what goes on but it does you no justice unless you see if for yourself. Outrageous comedy, non-stop violence and even some nasty theme songs make this a twisted yet highly entertaining film, if you are a fan of Rob Zombie and the work he has done up till now or are looking for something totally different from what you have been watching as of late then I highly recommend picking this one up today. The DVD comes with Special Features that include:

Deleted Scenes and Shots

Alternative Scenes

Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment/Starz Media. **** Out Of *****