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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Stephen Martin Walters, Holly Weston, Sacha Dhawan, Sadie Pickering, Jonathan Readwin, Sol Heras, Colin Tierney

Director: Simeon Halligan

Genre: Horror

Year: 2010

Rating: NR

Somewhere prowling in the darkest corner of a desolate, abandoned building on the edge of a wilderness is a dangerous animal. It's a human animal that lives by the rules of the wild, where survival is the only concern.

This creature of the night uses cunning and instinct to hunt and kill for pleasure. He has no qualms about his actions; he lives by his desires and he'll take what he wants.

SOPHIE, a teenager with a troubled past, strays into the abandoned building on a dare. She discovers what it's like to become the object of this animal's obsessive desire when she's locked in an isolated room, where no one can hear her screams.

In the night, sitting in the pitch black, waiting for the inevitable, Sophie is terrified by the the obsessive stare through the skylight of the impromptu jail.

Daylight brings GAVIN. He keeps the animal at bay as best he can. A protector of sorts, but a protector who also keeps her locked away. What bizarre relationship does this self appointed jailer have with the elusive prowling creature beyond the door?

Sophie's attempts at escape repeatedly end in failure, but she clings to the hope that she will be rescued by her friends, despite her fears of what might happen to them, if they come too close to the vicious animal?

"Splintered" is a 2010 British horror film that is finally getting it's U.S. release. "Splintered" sets its focus on Sophie, a troubled young girl haunted by the abuse she suffered as a child and harboring a deep fascination with the unexplained. In the hope of satiating her obsession with the latter, our heroine instigates a trip to the Welsh countryside with four friends, aimed at tracking down the legendary Beast of Bodmin. It seems the mythical creature often thought to be a large wildcat or fox has caught the public's attention once more thanks to a spate of attacks on livestock and one local farmer. It is an opportunity Sophie has decided is not to be missed and, armed with a video camera and a case of beer, the group head off into the woods. However, they soon uncover much more than they bargained for, with the female lead falling foul of a mysterious madman who locks her away in an apparent attempt to protect her from some unnamed terror.

In some ways the film is no different than other horror film like it but it does have some things going for the others do not. For starters this is a solid film with enough twists and turns to keep you interested and on the edge of your seat. As far as the characters go at least the lead is a smart, realistic young lady that doesn't do things in the movie to make the audience mad, she is instead smart and she thinks of some very good escape plans and we all know how rare that is when it comes to horror. The film has some great ideas, sure there's the whole teens in the woods thing going on but that's to set the mood and atmosphere, after that it is actually a smart, scary horror film with a cast that delivers. UK horror has come a long way in recent years and most of what comes from Britain is better than what Hollywood is producing now. If you're a fan of horror then I highly recommend checking this one out, it may not be perfect but it contains enough good things to make it very entertaining.

Available on both DVD and DVD/Blu-ray Combo Pack. Both come with Special Features that include:

Behind the Scenes

Deleted Scenes


You can order the DVD HERE and the Combo Pack HERE.

Released by Well Go USA

*** 1/2 Out Of *****