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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Ken Gayton, Jason Schaver, Ken Gayton, Emily Wolf, Bethany Carol

Director: Ken Gayton, Jason Schaver

Genre: Comedy

Year: 2011

Rating: NR

A down on his luck comedian gets mixed up in a bank robbery and kidnapping of a TV actress.

The team that brought you "The Truth about Average Guys" are back with their newest movie called "S.O.L." I have to say I wasn't overly excited after watching the trailer but luckily I learned you can't judge a film just by the trailer, look at half of what Hollywood puts out, the trailers at times look awesome and they end showing the only good parts that are in the movie. "S.O.L." is just the opposite, the film is so much better than you would expect it to be, but at same time if you seen their first film you already know how talented Ken Gayton and Jason Schaver are.

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The story is about Zach, a down on his luck comedian who also just happens to be a slacker and just when he thinks things can't get any worse he forgets to show up for a dinner with his girlfriend's parents which ends up being the final straw in their relationship. But when things go bad they really go bad, while at the bank Zach runs in to his old friend, Ryan and his half baked brother, Michael. They talk Zach into giving them a ride but what he doesn't know is they are at the bank to rob it and while their at it they bring along a hostage, a television show actress. This is one of those films that the more you talk about the plot the more you end up giving away and that would be a bad thing so I am going to avoid doing so for those wanting to see it. "S.O.L" is a comedy like their first film was but it is completely different in that this offers a bit more, there's of course lots of humor but there's also some action, adventure and a bit of romance as well. So you might be wondering what I thought about the film, well I can say I haven't laughed so loud in a very long time, I swear there's laugh out loud moments every other sentence, the film has more funny moments than 10 Hollywood comedies combined. The main characters in the film are again played by Ken Gayton, Jason Schaver and Adam Breske who were all in their first film as well, the addition here is a newcomer, the beautiful and highly talented Emily Wolf as the hostage. If I had to pick favorite characters here I'd have to say it was Zach and Michael, both provide most of the laughs in the film and they are simply hilarious here.

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I'm not sure if Ken Gayton and Jason Schaver got more money as far as budget goes for this film but it looks good and the production looks much bigger than the budget suggests it should be. These are two very talented filmmakers and actors as well that deserve to be noticed a lot more than they have been up till now. "S.O.L." is one of the best adult comedies I have seen in some time, if comedy is your thing you owe it to yourself to see this film. You can order the DVD or rent the movie online at their web site HERE. You will thank me later plus more importantly you will be supporting these fantastic filmmakers. "S.O.L." is a kick-ass comedy that deserves a bigger audience.

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***** Out Of *****