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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Jeunehomme Albert,Nicolas Anseroul,Wanty Christian,Michelet Christophe,Christophe Lamot

Director: Christophe Lamot

Genre: Thriller

Year: 2009

Rating: NR

A young director disgusted by the financing system of the movie industry decides to shoot a feature movie made from live scenes without any financial support in order to denounce the difficulties to achieve a cinematographic project in Belgium. The rivalries between the cast members, the excesses and the frustrations will slowly lead him to a surrealistic disaster.

SILENCE, ÇA TUE! aka Silence, We Are Shooting! is a low budget film made in Belgium, the film is shot in a documentary style like several other films have since the "Blair Witch Project", I got to say they have come along way with this style of film-making. I got to say that I do not think this is going to be for everyone, this fits more in the cult category and fans of those types of movies will want to give this one a shot. Director, Christophe Lamot also plays the lead director in the film, the man who is so sick of having his projects rejected that he decides to get a crew together and film a real "Live" movie. First off I refuse to go into major details here about what happens in the film as I think this is a must-see movie and to give too much away will only ruin the experience waiting for those willing to take the chance in watching this one. I can tell you that Lamot is not only the man behind the camera but he also carries the film as an actor, I loved his intensity. The supporting cast were all terrific as well and each made their characters very believable. For those who are not familiar with Belgian cinema including myself, it is kinda hard to get the message here but in short it seems that the real life Director is not happy with those who bad mouth cinema in his country and this is more or less him taking a stand and having his say on the matter. The film is a thriller but there is a lot of dark humor in it as well, for some reading the subtitles might take away from the film some what but those of you that are use to watching foreign cinema that will not have a problem here. I really enjoyed this movie more than I thought I would, it is fast paced,exciting and violent, an original and clever adrenalin rush that had me hooked from the opening scene. If you are looking for something different then I highly recommend checking this flick out, take the chance and you will be rewarded with a film that is disturbing smart. Silence Ca Tue! is a film that has been banned in its home country of Belgium and France for the brutal killing of predominant filmmakers. Check it out!

Released by BrinkDVD. **** Out Of *****