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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Yunjin Kim, Mi-suk Kim, Hie-sun Park, Myeong-su Choi, Hang-Seon Jang, Dong-hwan Jeong, Kwang-rok Oh, Ji-young Ok, Jin-woo Yang

Director: Shin-yeon Won

Genre: Foreign Thriller

Year: 2007

Rating: NR

Yunjin Kim ("Lost") stars as a lawyer who finds herself compelled to take up the case of a man convicted of murder after her 8-year-old daughter is kidnapped. With a four-day deadline hanging over her, the legal eagle enlists the aid of a cop friend (Hie-sun Park). Together, they unpeel the many layers of a case that grows more sinister with each revelation and that increasingly points to high-level misdeeds and police corruption.

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Seven Days is a South Korean thriller from 2007 that stars, Kim Yun-jin, most will remember her from the hit series "Lost." Here Kim plays defense attorney and single mom who finds it hard finding quality time to spend with her 8-year-old daughter. After participating in an event at her daughter's school Ji-Yeon suddenly loses track of Eun-yeong. Shortly after she a receives a phone call telling her that her daughter has been kidnapped, the voice tells her she must take on a convicted killer's appeal case if she wants to see her daughter again. The man she must defend, CJ, was found guilty of murdering a young woman and is facing the death penalty. She must race against time to try and find new evidence before it's too late. Seven Days is a busy film, there is a lot going on here. It does a nice job of mixing the courtroom drama with the criminal investigation and the kidnapping plot. Like any other film this one is not without it's flaws. Mainly in it's lack of logic at times but with it's frantic pace you seem to really never have time to stop and think about certain things that don't add up. Even with it's 125 minute run time the film moves along so swiftly and there is so much happening that it is over before you know it. I also enjoyed the twist ending and never seen it coming which is always a good thing when watching a film such as this. Kim Yun-jin gives a wonderful performance here and I hope to see more of her in both the U.S. and in her native country's films. Seven Days has been picked up for a U.S. remake, go figure, it seems Hollywood is out of ideas this days. Anyway this is a solid thriller that keeps you guessing and on the edge of your seat at times with it's suspense and plot twists, I certainly was totally taken in by the story with everything happening so quickly.

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There are better thrillers out there but I had a good time watching this and recommend it to any fan of the genre. The DVD comes with it's original Korean Language and English Subtitles. You can order the DVD HERE.

Released by Virgil Films

*** 1/2 Out Of *****