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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Jason Behr, Tam Dean Burn, Emma Catherwood, Joe Ferrera, Toby Marlow

Director: Simon Hynd

Genre: Suspense/Drama/Horror

Year: 2009

Rating: R

Ambitious young businessman Elliott Gast (Jason Behr) is violently knocked off the corporate ladder when he's kidnapped by political terrorists, who torture him for crimes he unknowingly committed. What's worse, his torment is being streamed live online. An unwilling contestant in a sadistic reality show, Elliott fights for survival, hoping that someone in the home audience will come to his aid.

There can certainly being comparisons to such films as "Saw" and even "Oldboy" but those are thin and will not hold up to those that are willing to sit through this one. The difference between films like "Saw" and this one is those films use their violence as their main focus but this film uses it to engage the viewer and make them think. The all white room the film takes place it really helps in setting the atmosphere. There's not many characters in the film but the main two are developed enough to get you involved enough in what they are facing which is key since the film does start off slow. Because of the slow and artistic feel the film has I do not think this will be for everyone. Senseless in a lot of ways is the opposite of all those other torture flicks out there. Now don't get me wrong the violence and gore can be hard to take if you have a weak stomach for that kind of stuff but like I said before it is an important part of the story and is never misused just for the sake of shocking the audience. The cast is terrific, Jason Behr does a fantastic job as the victim and Joe Ferrara was quite good as the antagonist and leader of the group that has kidnapped Elliott. There is a lot to think about here, even the title has a sort of double meaning with one being the senseless violence and the other being the torture methods used in the film to destroy the senses. Senseless is a provocative and unique horror film that captivates you and leaves you thinking long after it is over. As I stated before some of you that only enjoy the mainstream horror films may not enjoy this as much as those of you willing to take the chance and sit through the film during it's slower times. In the end those willing to invest the time will be well rewarded in the end. I recommend this to any fan of the genre just go into it with an open mind and what you will find is one of the more fascinating horror films to come out in some time.

Released by Well Go USA, Inc.

**** Out Of *****