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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Chris Kattan, Fred Willard, David Schultz, B.J. Bales, Electra Avellan

Director: Jesse Bryan

Genre: Comedy

Year: 2010

Rating: PG

Its merit badge mania when two not-so-bright brothers David & Tim Appleorchard (David Schultz & BJ Bales) set out to earn their very first Tiger Scout merit badges in 20 years before the end of summer in order to inherit the camp from their father, who is running off to join his wife in the circus. The only thing standing in their way is their evil brother and fellow Scout, Brandon (played by former SNL funnyman Chris Kattan) who has his own designs on the camp. Fred Willard (Best In Show) co-stars as the camp's Game Master alongside Kattan's real-life father, Kip King, in this kooky camp comedy.

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"Scouts Honor: Badge To The Bone" isn't going to be a comedy for everyone but when the Studio advertises it as "The Dumbest Comedy of All Time" you have to know what you're getting right? Saturday Night Live's Chris Kattan hasn't had much success since he decided to take on feature films, maybe it was bad luck, role choices or whatever else you can think of but he does play dumb well. The story is about David and Tim Appleorchard and their obnoxious brother, Brandon. All three must do their best to earn their first badges and inherit the camp from their father but Brandon has other plans. To talk about the plot here really isn't going to help much because the plot and characters are so far out there that it just doesn't make sense but I can tell you that it does have some very funny moments in it. When you have a group of guys that wet and poop the bed, tell stupid jokes and act so dumb you know you got a no brainer on your hands. The film is not a masterpiece in fact it's pretty bad but if you can take it for what it is then you are ready to meet some of the zaniest characters you will ever see. The entire cast must of had a great time making this film, Chris Kattan has never been better and Fred Willard is hilarious with his deadpan humor. Look, this isn't rocket science so if you're looking for some meaningful story I suggest you look elsewhere but if you just want to spend some time not having to think and are just looking for some laughs then this is the perfect film for that. It's outrageously stupid but that is what makes the film so damn funny, it takes a strange sense of humor to get through this one but if you're like me and come equipped with that funny bone then I suggest giving this one a try. Released by Level 33 Entertainment

*** 1/2 Out Of *****