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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: George Wendt, Christopher Lloyd, Lilliana Mumy, Josh Flitter, Field Cate

Director: Robert Vince

Genre: Childrens/Comedy/Christmas

Year: 2009

Rating: G

Take a fantastic journey with your beloved Buddy friends to the magical world of the North Pole! Join The Buddies (Budderball, B-Dawg, Rosebud, Buddha and Mudbud) in a wonderfully wacky twist on a classic Christmas favorite. When Puppy Paws, the fun-loving son of Santa Paws, gets tired of the North Pole, he finds Budderball on Santa's naughty list and figures he is just the dog to show him how to be an ordinary pup. But when the magical Christmas Icicle starts to melt and the world begins to forget the true meaning of the season, it is up to Puppy Paws and his newfound Buddies to save Christmas.

If you want to be fair giving a review on this one you can't just start ranting about everything in the film you found dumb because some movies like this are made with enough adult friendly material to appeal to everyone and some are aimed strictly at children like this one is. This is the fourth Buddies film but this time around it is a Christmas tale that I think will appeal to children more around the ages of 3-10. So as an adult with an open-mind I can say that for the age group targeted here this was an enjoyable and funny tale of how a group of pups help save Christmas. There is always that something special when seeing man's best friend in a film and this one is no different, there are some very cute dogs here and It is nice to see George Wendt as Santa and Christopher Lloyd as the scrooge like man that runs a dog pound. You can say this has a weak story but again this one is aimed towards children so you want a story they can easily follow, if your looking for something a bit more adult like Disney has made a ton of great films over the years that both kids and their parents can enjoy together. Santa Buddies is a cute and funny film that children are sure to love and for that reason alone it is well worth owning.Santa Buddies is available on DVD and Blu-ray and comes with the Bonus Features:Buddies Christmas Carol Sing Along, and more.

Released by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment

**** Out Of *****