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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Kurando Mitsutake, Jeffrey James Lippold, Domiziano Arcangeli, Megan Hallin, Kyle O. Ingleman, Loren Lutcher, Mariko Denda, Aki Hiro

Director: Kurando Mitsutake

Genre: Action/Adventure

Year: 2009

Rating: NR

Master samurai Blind Wolf still has vivid memories of the last thing he saw eight years ago: a merciless killer who stole the lives of his wife and daughter and forced him to cut out his own eyes. But now, he's out for bloody revenge. Will help from a shadowy swordsman who calls himself "Drifter" be enough to stop the relentless hit squad of assassins sent by his nemesis?

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Think "Kill Bill" and a good old fashion Spaghetti Western put into a blender and this is what the delicious result would be and you might have a little idea of what this gem is all about. By little I mean some films are just made to be seen and not took about, I can sit here and write a big long review but in the end you still have to see it to know just how cool and awesome the film really is. The film is certainly a spoof but there's a lot going on here and everything you would want from a film like this is all right here including, gore, swords play, horror, loads of action and even some great laughs a long the way as well. I loved everything about the film from it's cinematography to it's score down to the wonderful cast that did a great job playing their roles. The story is simple but effective enough to keep you interested inbetween the action scenes.

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This is not going to be for everyone, those that don't like a lot of gore are warned to stay away and some are not going to "get" the film at all with it's over-the-top style but for those that remember the old westerns or just love a good samurai flick this is going to be a must own. I loved the craziness of it and and really enjoyed everything about the film, my only complaint was it was over too soon but I will be sure to revisit it again soon. This is what "Kill Bill" should of been. The DVD comes with Japanese and English Languages with English subtitles, you can order it HERE.

Released by Maya Entertainment

***** Out Of *****