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Cast:Johnny Alonso, Sheila Cutchlow, Carolina Hoyos, Thomas Calabro, Robert Miano

Director: John Poague


Year: 2009


Former FBI agent Cooper O'Neil (Johnny Alonso) is quietly enjoying a new life when the body of his ex-partner washes up at the boat marina where he now lives. Not satisfied with the FBI's explanation of his partner's death, O'Neill sets out to investigate. Before long, he's dodging bullets and on the run himself, helped by an FBI agent who understands what he's up against.

You got to love the cover-art on many movies today, there is no doubt they help sell the product and Safehouse got a very attractive cover that will catch the eye of any action fan. One of the best things about MTI is they release movies from just about every genre and more often than not I find their releases to be highly entertaining. Safehouse is a low-budget action/spy flick that uses what it it has resource wise to make a decent flick. The story could of been written a little better but in the end you are not picking this up to find a meaningful tale here, your picking it up to see an action flick and that is what you get here. The cast as far as the leads go all did a pretty good job considering the script they had to work with here but they all handled the action scenes well which was the most important thing here. I have seen better movies like this before but Safehouse kept be interested and I thought the pace was set pretty high. Director, John Poague did a great job working off a sub-par script to create a action flick that should please most fans, despite its sometimes silly parts the action makes it a enjoyable time. I recommend this to any fan of spy movies like Bond or Bourne, just don't expect those kind of budgets and you should at least find it as entertaining as I did.. Released by MTI Video. *** Out Of *****