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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Mena Suvari, Tom Arnold, C. Thomas Howell, William Sadler, Mark Bierlein.

Director: Lance Kawas

Genre: Crime/Thriller

Year: 2011

Rating: N/A

In a picturesque city on the shores of Michigan, a series of mysterious murders all have an unlikely but common thread – Bryan Spikes, a hired insurance fraud investigator who gets more than a paycheck when he is inexplicably killed and then framed for the crimes. One year later, Alex Forrester (Mark Bierlein, Street Boss) arrives in the city claiming to be a writer researching the case. But as he begins uncovering the shocking truth behind the murders, his informants turn up dead, and he soon learns he may be next. It seems there is no-one he can trust; including Bryan’s ex-girlfriend Heather (Mena Suvari, American Beauty) and a new overly-friendly ex-sharpshooter neighbor (Tom Arnold, True Lies). The deeper he digs, the more his life, and Heather’s, is in danger. What is the secret in this city that everyone is hiding? What is Alex's link to Bryan? He must now set the record straight, not only for restitution, but for revenge.

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"Restitution" is a hard movie to talk about without ruining the story and I don't want to do that here but I can elaborate a little more on the story. As the film opens the audience is witness to several murders, we see them being committed through the murderer's camcorder, the film cuts to the title screen and begins introducing us to it's characters and sets up the story. We are quickly introduced to Bryan Spikes, an insurance investigator in town to check on some people who might be getting their benefits and don't even need them. The job is not a very pleasant one, Bryan finds himself chased and even shot at till finally he decides enough is enough and goes to tell his client he is done, but his client has other plans and slips Bryan something in his drink and before you know it Bryan is chained and tossed in the river to die. Jump ahead a year and we are now introduced to Alex, a writer who claims to be working on a book and his main interest is in Bryan but he seems to be having a hard time getting answers even from Bryan's girlfriend Heather. Alex also meets up with Tom Lipnity, his new and over talkative neighbor. You immediately begin to wonder about Tom, can he be trusted or is this over friendly man someone you have to watch out for. The More Alex digs the deeper the mystery goes and the deeper he digs the more he puts his on life and anyone he talks to in danger.

"Restitution" is a crime thriller with a clever, complex story that grabs your attention from it's opening frames and it keeps you glued to the screen, it will have you clinging to the edge of your seat till the credits begin to roll. The film also makes great use of it's characters, each plays an important role in the film and not one is wasted. This is an intelligent, action-packed thriller with enough twists to fill out 10 Hollywood films. The film asks a lot of questions but it also wraps the story up nicely and the twist of an ending is killer, it's an ending you will never see coming.

The film has a lot going for and the cast is another reason it's so good, from Mena Suvari who is excellent as Bryan's girlfriend caught in the middle to Tom Arnold as the neighbor, Tom is his terrific self providing a lot of humor to lighten things up along the way but he also has a serious side and is hiding a secret of his own and newcomer Mark Bierlein is amazing as Alex as well, I was really impressed with his acting a lead role. The film also has supporting roles but William Sadler and C. Thomas Howell.

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"Restitution" will get a Limited Theatrical release from Monterey Media in September/October in select cities. I highly suggest checking it out if it plays in your area, a peddle-to-the-metal thriller that is as exciting as it is intriguing. Director, Lance Kawas who also co-wrote the story with Mark Bierlein really has the gift for story-telling and the eye for action, I look forward to seeing with both of these talented men do next. Think of it as a thinking Man's thriller that does everything right, a miss-see film so be sure to check it out. You can follow the film's progress over at Monterey'S web site HERE.

Released by Monterey Media

***** Out Of *****