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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Peter Stebbes, Ingrid Veninger, Clark Johnson

Director: Anais Granofsky

Genre: Sc-Fi/Thriller

Year: 2009

Rating: R

Set in Northern Canada in a dystopian future Gabriel Goode, a doctor specializing in limb regeneration, travels from the decrepit metropolis of 'City' to the barren regions of the north. His assignment: heal the invalid daughter of a wealthy, but morally corrupt, water exporter. He arrives at the family's mining compound with his own past haunting him. There, Gabriel risks everything in order to confront his darkness and find his heart.

Re-Generation seemed to get lost when first released back in 2004 under the name "The Limb Salesman", yes Re-Generation is a much better name for the film but it is kind of sad this came and went without much notice. That is all changing now and after watching the film I got to say there was a lot to like here. The film takes place some time in the late 21st century, it paints a grim and entirely plausible picture of a frighteningly dystopia Canadian future or anywhere for that matter. It is the story of a drug-addicted 'limb salesman' Dr. Goode living with a mechanical heart whose life changes when he falls in love with one of his patients whom he gives new legs to. This is a small sci-fi in terms of budget but the film makers make the most of what they have by creating the right atmosphere using fantastic cinematography and the set designs are simple but moody enough to give the feeling of dread that is needed. The acting is great, each character is well-played and written as well and you not only get to know each and everyone but you also begin to care for them in one way or another. We are spoiled today by all the big budget films that come out, sure they look amazing but they lack something that this one has and that is a solid story mixed with imagination and some fantastic ideas. The thing about Goode's heart is it allows him to feel too much so when he falls for the woman he has given a new pair of legs to, well I certainly am not going to give the film away here because this is one of those movies you must see for yourself. The film grabbed by attention from the opening frames and it captivated me, I could not take my eyes off it till the very last frame and found myself thinking about it long after it was over. The story is complex but not to the point that it is hard to follow, instead it is perfectly written with a great cast and some very interesting characters. Re-Generation is a film I grew attached to and one I will certainly revisit very soon, it may not be loud or action packed but it certainly is uniquely memorable in every way.

Released by Indican Pictures

**** Out Of *****