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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Renel Brown, Nicki Micheaux, CCH Pounder, Irma P. Hall, Marion Bethel, Ron Butler, Margaux Dillet, Chrishawn Ferguson, Roger Gibson, Trenae Johnson, Juanita Kelly, Calvin Lockhart, Francine McKenzie, Garth Nash, Shervante Nixon

Director: Maria Govan

Genre: Drama

Year: 2010

Rating: PG

Following the death of her beloved grandmother, Rain is (Renel Brown) forced to leave her idyllic life on Ragged Island to live with her drug-addicted mother in a poverty-stricken Nassau neighborhood. Shell-shocked by the bleak surroundings of her new life, Rain finds solace in a burgeoning friendship with a school coach (CCH Pounder) who encourages the teenager to make use of her athleticism by joining the track team.

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Rain is an Independent film about a young girl with a terrible home life who has dreams of over-coming it and and becoming someone much better than those around her. The film has been compared to "Precious" and in theme in his similar but don't be fooled Rain is a wonderful, captivating film all on it's own. The story is about Rain, a young girl who lives with her grandma because her mother is a drug addict. They don't have much but Rain seems contend until one day her grandmother passes away. With nowhere else to go and much too young to be on her own she is forced to go live with her mother but with all the problems and bad things going on Rain finds happiness in her running. After getting enrolled in school she meets with a female running coach and the two quickly become friends, the coach teaches Rain to reach hard for her dreams. This is a girl that has more strength, understanding and certainly more common sense than any of the adults she is forced to be around everyday, even her mom. There are many examples out there but Rain is one of them that shows just how good Independent cinema can be. It's a story of hope, struggle and the will and perseverance to over come just about anything if you put your mind to it. The entire cast is fantastic but the stand-outs are Renel Brown who makes her acting debut here as Rain, she is an incredible young actress, she played rain so well and and displayed all the right emotions needed for the character. Also the always wonderful CCH Pounder is amazing as her running coach.

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Everything about Rain was perfect including the cinematography as well the the music used in the film. You find yourself quickly attached to this young girl and you hope the best for girl, rooting her on every step of the way and in the process you hope she is able to make those around see the light as well. If you like a drama with heart and characters that are real then Rain is one drama you should not miss seeing. I didn't want to see it end and was left thinking about it long after it was over. A gem of a film certainly worth owning.

Released by Image Entertainment

***** Out Of *****