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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Thure Lindhardt,Stine Fischer Christensen,Christian Tafdrup,Tommy Kenter,Søren Lenander,Margrethe Koytu

Director: Anders Morgenthaler

Genre: Anime/Action

Year: 2009

Rating: NR

August halts his missionary work abroad and returns home to care for his 5-year-old niece, Mia, when he learns of the death of his sister, Christina -- a fallen woman who found fame as a porn star named "The Princess." But he's also out for revenge. In the process of tracking down those who directly contributed to his sister's downfall, August can't forget to take his eyes of his most important asset -- Mia.

You can really see the Japanese influence in this ambitious Danish manga with beautiful animation. Be warned that this animation is in no way for kids, there is excessive nudity and extreme violence. Along with the animation the film uses live-action moments as flashbacks that are blended seamlessly and it helps to fill in the story. The film is about August who is a priest who returns to Denmark from missionary work to take care of his five year old niece Mia when his sister Christina dies of a drug overdose. But the real star here is Mia, she is what innocence being corrupted is all about. She is hurt, frightened and tragically sad but in the world in which she was raised in it really is all she knows. Princess is about a man hell bent on taking out revenge against the porn industry over the death of his sister, this is an in your face, over the top violent film that is as brutal to watch as it is beautiful. Besides the animation there is also a gripping story here, it takes the time to reveal itself but once it does you are hooked till the very end. I have to give Director,Anders Morgenthaler lots of credit for taking on such a subject matter when no one else seems to want to or is brave enough to. This is the kind of film Hollywood would never make, sad but thanks to Palisades Tartan everyone gets the chance to see this master piece now and before long this will have a major cult following. I recommend this to any fan of animation and action and for those who are just looking for something different to watch. I was captivated by the story and blown away by the animation and what was happening on the screen, Princess is one of those classics that only comes around once in a very long time so be sure not to miss it. The DVD is in it's original Danish Language and comes with English subtitles, also the original trailer is provided as well.

Released by Palisades Tartan

***** Out Of *****