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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Mark Cray, Devin Kates, Robert Z'Dar, Brinke Stevens

Director: Anthony Spadaccini

Genre: Horror

Year: 2010

Rating: NR

A suicidal teenage boy is befriended by a sadistic serial killer, who vows to set him free of his drug-addicted family.

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This is the third and most disturbing chapter in the "Head Case" series, the thought of anyone being sick enough to kill humans for the pure enjoyment of it all is one thing but when a young teenager is lurked into something so sinister is another. That is one of the reasons that "Post-Mortem" is the most frightening yet effective films in the trilogy. It's pretty sick to think that someone could and would take advantage of another person such a Seth, a teenager with problems of his own and someone that could easily be led, but that is exactly what happens here and you know early on that it can't end good for Seth. Director, Anthony Spadaccin is an award winning filmmaker and for good reason. He really knows how to make a film that challenges the audience and forces them think long and hard, sure his films are tough to watch but that is what makes him so good because he is not afraid to make movies outside the box. If we had a few directors like him in Hollywood we might not be seeing as many crappy remakes and sequels released every year. Post-Mortem isn't an easy film to watch but it isn't suppose to be, like the first two films it's a character study into the minds of some very sick people. The film doesn't contain a lot of blood and gore but it doesn't have to because it's so well written it's documentary, black & white style have you believing you're watching the events live as they unfold. I am not going to go into details about what unfolds here but I can say if you seen the first two films you are not going to want to miss this one and if you haven't I think its about time you checked them out. Certainly Post-Mortem isn't a film for everyone but for those that like this sort of thing you are going to be surprised at just how good this film and series are.

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The acting is brilliant, the story thought-provoking, disturbing and chilling. Post-Mortem is a film that will make you sit back in your chair and gasp of air, a cult master-piece for sure and one not to be missed. You can follow Post-Mortem's progress at it's Facebook Page HERE

Released by Fleet Street Films

***** Out Of *****