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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Ian Kane, Nicholas Marinucci, Laura Savage, Eric Leitzen

Director: Steve Dayton

Genre: Horror

Year: 2011

Rating: NR

high powered music agent brings three recently deceased rockers back from the grave to form the first zombie punk band. Eddy, the leading character, is dragged to the concert by his buddy Ciez, but only stays to see his ex-girlfriend, Lisa. The show is cut short when the zombies break free and the gruesome flesh-eating ensues. Soon Eddy must save his friends from certain doom and becoming...Pop Punk Zombies.

How can any fan not like the idea of zombies turned pop stars? This is a clever and original take on a genre that has been over-done. The film itself is a little slow at first once the mayhem starts the film becomes much more entertaining. that all happens when an anti-zombie worker group decides to unchain the zombies so that they could be free, causing them to kill and eat the people who have come to the party. Now, itís up to two friends, and ex-girlfriend and one of the zombie activists to try to stay alive. After that point there's plenty of blood, guts and action for all fans to enjoy.

Sure the story isn't perfect and at times there's situations that are not logical but this is a zombie movie people so get over it!! I give credit to Writer/Director, Steve Dayton for injecting some freshness into a genre that has been done so many times over that it's become boring. "Pop Punk Zombies" is a zombie film with an original idea behind it, sure the story has a few problems with it as far as zombies go but the good definitely out weights the bad here.

The acting could of been better but the cast did a good job all considered and the make-up as well but it serves the purpose considering this was done on a small budget. The film is a good start for this first time director and I look forward to seeing what he has coming out next because He seems to have some good ideas. I noticed several not so favorable reviews for the film online but if you're a fan of anything zombie then I suggest you ignore those and pick this one up and judge it for yourself. I expected the film to have it's flaws and it has them but once the action starts this is a fun film that is sure to please most fans.

Released by Brain Damage Films

*** Out Of *****