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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Erin Marie Hogan,

Director: Shane Van Dyke

Genre: Horror

Year: 2009

Rating: NR

Following Thomas Finley's apparent slaying of his younger sister and a paranormal investigator, this home video footage surfaced, clearly revealing his family's frighteningly real struggles with a powerful spiritual entity that haunted their house. Throughout this terrifying horror film, the Finleys gradually turn on each other and become overwhelmed by the demonic force that refuses to leave them alone.

Call this a rip-off of "Paranormal Activity" if you must but after seeing both films I got to say this "Mockbuster" was a better in pretty much every way. There is several reasons why this is better one being the story and certain things the people do within it that are more logical plus I just felt that this was more scarier as well. I am not going to go into major details on the story here, the above explains enough and you should go into this knowing as little as possible besides the basic plot. The only advantage "Activity" has over this is that it had a huge marketing plan and came out first,besides those two things this I felt was a much better film on all levels plus this has a hot chick in Erin Marie Hogan, I look forward to seeing her again in The Asylum's upcoming film "6 Guns". Many might think my rating here is a bit high but for what it is I got to say this was really well made in every aspect and if your a fan of the paranormal or horror in general then I highly recommend picking this one up and watching it as a separate film. If you don't play the compare and judge game here you are going to be pleasantly surprised and you are going to enjoy this flick as much as I did.

Released by The Asylum Home Entertainment

**** Out Of *****