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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Ray Wise, Graham McTavish, Alesha Clarke

Director: Jason Connery

Genre: Thriller

Year: 2009

Rating: R

Veterinarian Sydney Stevens (Alesha Clarke) is in a fight for her life and the lives of millions as she and an eccentric conspiracy theorist (Peter Asle Holden) uncover the horrifying truth about a contagious virus affecting both humans and animals. Director Jason Connery plays a suspenseful game of truth or cover-up by contrasting an Army general's (Ray Wise) noble cause not to panic the locals against clear and present signs that global disaster is looming.

Pandemic is the kind of film that has been done over and over, some are better than this while others are not. This is only the second time Jason Connery has been behind the camera,as an actor he has been in many movies and it never hurts to branch out and try new things, he does a pretty good job here at keeping the film moving at a slow,deliberate pace. The story offers nothing original and you have to just enjoy the film for what it is because there are many situations in the film that are just not believable. Most "popcorn" Films that come out make no sense and that is pretty much what this is and if you take it for what it is I think you will find it to be enjoyable. The film has a simple plot, a virus that hits a New Mexico county and the local veterinarian who will stop at nothing to get to the bottom of the problem pretty much sums it up here. The acting was good over-all and the musical score seemed to fit in with the story perfectly. Pandemic is a slow moving thriller that manages to entertain even if it doesn't break any new ground. I found it to be suspenseful and thought-provoking enough to keep me interested till the very end, it certainly is not a feel-good movie but it does manage to succeed on what is attempts to do. If you like this sort of disaster film then I recommend picking this up as it makes for a nice time killer and it gives you something to think about after the credits roll as well.

Released by MTI Home Video

*** Out Of *****