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Haunted Forest

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Horror Rated R. Driven by his grandfather's mysterious past, Sean (Sevy Di Cione) searches for the key to a man's sudden disappearance within a dark forest. He believes it may have a connection to the enigmatic tree that now haunts his dreams. Sean's friends (Adam Green and Edo Beghi), along with two young women, accompany him on his quest. But things soon turn deadly as Satinka, a beautiful, but vengeful spirit, wreaks her terrible revenge for an unspeakable crime committed over 200 years ago. This hurls the group into a foreboding, ecological nightmare... forcing them onto a road straight to Hell. Ok, I have to admit you may not find another film more cliché filled than this one. As not only a Critic of Asian cinema I am also a huge fan and this film really tries to copy a lot from it but never does succeed at doing so. But thats not saying this is a bad film, hell even big budget Hollywood remakes can't reproduce the same atmosphere and chills the original Asian film's had. So for a thin budget and an unknown cast that does a pretty good job considering the script, this was at least entertaining. I was never once bored and you do get a few cheap scares along the way as well. I have seen worse film's then this one and as long as you go into this knowing what your getting you just might enjoy this title as well. Released by Lions Gate Entertainment. ** 1/2 Out Of *****