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The Only Witness

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After a young girl (Daveigh Chase, The Ring) witnesses a brutal murder, criminal psychologist Dr. Julie Craig (Kristy Swanson, Big Daddy) and Detective Steve Banks (Vincent Spano, Dante's Inferno – coming in 2008) are called in to help her identify the killer. But what appears to be an ordinary mugging slowly reveals itself to be a complex political conspiracy. In a desperate race to protect the crime's only eyewitness, Julie and Steve must find the truth…before the killer finds them. I found this to be a solid thriller with a great cast of actors and a story that keeps you interested till the very end. Sure there' been many movies made about someone witnessing a murder and being hunted down after that but this still manages to stay enjoyable largely do to it's pace and cast. The movie has an ensemble cast including Kristy Swanson (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer),Vincent Spano,Tony Todd and Bruce Boxleitner as well as DeVeigh Chase who is very believable as the little girl who witnesses the murder. For a movie that originally aired on television back in 2005 it has some very good suspense that keeps you watching till the very end. Over-all with cast and story combined this makes for a solid hour and half worth of entertainment.Released by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment. **** Out Of *****