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Inside Out

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Drama/Thriller NR. Families in an idyllic suburban neighborhood are taunted by a mysterious doctor who moves in to town and spins a web of psychological chaos that changes their lives forever.It seems today that not a lot studios or director's wanna leave that comfort zone of "safe" movie making so lets give Director/Writer David Ogden credit for stepping out and making a film that that reaches some new ground. The film is about a neighborhood that everyone not only looks out for each out but also they all seem to have their own secrets hidden away as well. But when a new neighbor(Eriq La Salle) moves in across the street Norman(Steven Weber) and his family and neighbors as well begin to take notice on the man's strange behaviors. The film is always throwing a twist at you so to tell you too much more about the plot would certainly ruin the viewing experience you get from this film. The climax is a shocking one even if during the film you are given clues to whats to come. The cast is excellent, Stephen Weber certainly gives one of his best performances here as a Pilot,clean freak and paranoid husband trying to protect his family. The rest of the cast including Eriq La Salle,Russell Wong,Kate Walsh and Nia Peeples(is there a reason this woman's name is not featured on the box-art cover? She is more of an important role then most of other characters in the film) all give a fantastic job and showing great chemistry among each other. If you looking for the run-of-the-mill theater-style thriller look elsewhere but if you wanna see something different from the norm and more entertaining then pick this dvd up today. Released by Starz Home Entertainment. ***** Out Of *****