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Steal Me

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Drama NR. Chasing his wayward mother to Montana, fifteen year old Jake finds the picture perfect Tucker family instead who photoshop him into their lives, despite his questionable past. Too bad Jake can not stop himself from stealing, being seduced by the sexy next door neighbor, courting the mother of the house, encouraging the son in his first love affair, and leading the neighborhood boys in an ever escalating series of pranks. A drama about stealing radios, cars, and hearts. Jake never had the family life most young men have and later become a homeless kleptomaniac, this film show us the effect all this has had on this young man and everyone around him. This drama just feels so real, all the character's are well developed and the relationship that tries to begin between Jake and his "new" family is something worth holding on to. The cast terrific, I do not think there's a bad performance in this film as it's top notch from leads like Danny Alexander and Hunter Parrish down to the supporting cast, they all bring their character's to life and make them believable. Let's give credit as well to Director Melissa Painter who also wrote the film, she tells an honest tale with some great editing and the Montana setting really help set the mood for this wonderful drama. I wonder why this film took two years to make it's way to dvd but I am sure glad it did as you will too once you pick this title up today. Released by WestLake Entertainment. ***** Out Of *****