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H.P. Lovecraft's The Tomb

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Horror Rated R. A being known as "The Puppetmaster" holds victims captive in a tomb and tortures them. I try to find something good in every movie as each has to be reviewed differently for different reasons but it seems all of Director Ulli Lommel's film are made to fail. For starters this film has nothing to do with the H.P. Lovecraft story at all which may turn many away early, this is more a very low budget rip-off of "Saw". This was better than Ulli Lommel's other films recently but still not a very good movie at all. The setting for one thing is both cheap and not interesting at all and never sets the mood for what should be a chilling film. The acting is not too bad considering the material but the effects and dialogue is poor as well when you can understand what is being said. Over-all Ulli would benefit more but trying to pull all his resources together and make a more mainstream film without all the bad editing and story. If you like the genre and are looking for anything different to pick up you may wanna rent this, otherwise I say stay clear. Released by Lions Gate Entertainment. * Out Of *****