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Fire Serpent

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As Si-Fi/Adventure Rated R. firefighters frantically attack a raging inferno, officials realize that the massive blaze is actually a shape-shifting fire creature from the sun that's come to raze Earth. Now, federal agents must join in the battle to extinguish the alien hell-bent on destroying mankind. Well some past reviews I read on this film suggest to me that people need to start ratings film's for what they are. A big budget Hollywood film should be reviewed as such but a made for tv is another story and again needs to be reviewed based on that. So with that being said I felt this was a above average effort from most others in it's genre. The story is nothing to write home about but they did seem to take the time in making the character's believable and the acting was pretty solid as well for what the actors had to work with. Over-all for what this promised I felt it delivered and is well worth a rental for those looking for something different from the usual theater films. Released by Lions Gate Entertainment. *** Out Of *****