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Fugus The Bogeyman

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A Based on Raymond Briggs’ bestselling children’s book. In a vast underground construct called Bogeydom live the blissfully disgusting Bogeys, who spend their days wallowing in their own filth. Come nighttime, they venture “up there,” into the world of the humans, and, when these two worlds collide, one impossibly wholesome family threatens everything filthy about the Bogeys. If your familiar with Brigg's writings then you know that Fungus changed some from the book to the screen but that still doesn't take away from the story and entertainment this mini-series brings. This aired in the UK and Canada in 2004 and now makes it's way to DVD via MTI Video for the first time. The story is about the Bogeys, dirty creatures that live below us and some times venture up to get into a little trouble. The CGI is well done considering this was a made for tv production and they put the animation right over the top of real actors like they did in the film "Polar Express" which worked out very well in this film as well. The film is filled with adventure and some good humor some of which you might miss if your not paying attention. Even at it's long runtime the film manages to keep a good enough pace so the little one's watching should never get bored. Fungus is a film the entire family can enjoy together and even make a few nights out of, but wither way I am sure those that like good family entertainment will enjoy this worthy effort. Released by MTI Video. **** Out Of *****