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Masters of Horror: The Screwfly Solution

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Horror NR. It begins with a terrifying rash of isolated homicides Around the world, normal male sexual urges have suddenly transformed into violent rage. Now a pair of scientists (Jason Priestley and Elliott Gould) are in a desperate race against time to figure out how and why the war between the sexes has turned murderous. Is a mysterious virus making every red-blooded man a potential lady-killer? Director Joe Dante made a social statement in his Masters of Horror episode last season with "Homecoming" and he does it again here with Screwfly. The film focuses on one family led by Jason Priestley as they try and cope with what's happening around them while he and a friend try and get to the root of what's causing men to attack women as the death toll rises. I have to say on paper this could be as something more offending then it really is. Dante has made the fragile material very much "ok" and even funny at times while still supplying the blood fan's of the series are use to seeing. The cast is excellent and besides Priestley includes, Elliott Gould, Kerry Norton and Brenna O'Brien to name a few. Over-all a very good film that will have you thinking,laughing and as always closing your eyes at it's mayhem. The DVD includes commentary by Dante and Hamm, featurettes on the episode's production and special effects, and the shooting script in DVD-ROM format. Released by Anchor Bay Home Entertainment. **** Out Of *****