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Last Call

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Thriller Rated R. In a Santiago, Chile, apartment building, the lives of three sets of strangers intertwine. A shady dealer and two American visitors await a pivotal phone call about a business transaction. Above them, a model is taken hostage by an intruder who engages her in a twisted psychological game, and on the top-floor loft, a case of mistaken identity leads to an unexpected liaison. Peter Coyote (TV's The 4400) and Elizabeth Berkley (Roger Dodger, Showgirls) star in this brooding, stylish piece of film noir about lost souls that collide at a desperate hour. Last Call has alot going for it, for one the cast is excellent, Peter Coyote has never been better and Eric Michael Cole is fantastic, he and Coyote have great chemistry in this film. The film also has a great setting, Chile which really helps to create that special mood mixing Latin and North American together just makes the film that much more special. This is film noir at it's best and it's ashame it did not get a bigger release back in 1997 but thanks to Echo Bridge you can own this gem on dvd today. Released by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment. ****** Out Of *****