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Prey of The Jaguar

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Action/Thriller Rated R. When his wife and son are brutally murdered by a fugitive drug lord that he helped put behind bars, former Special Ops agent Derek Leigh vows to avenge their deaths. After mastering lethal fighting skills at the hands of a martial arts instructor, he assumes the identity of The Jaguar—a vigilante superhero from his son's drawings—and with nothing more to lose, sets out on a fierce, one-man blood hunt to bring the criminals to final justice. What's not to like about a cheesy action film about an ordinary guy turned superhero after his family is killed and he's out for revenge. Sure this doesn't compare to today's hero's we see on the silver screen but for what it set out to do it manages to get the job done in an entertaining way. Maxwell Caulfield is very good as the lead, Derek Leigh, a man looking to get even on those responsible for killing his family. The rest of the cast including Stacy Keach and Linda Blair are both very good in their roles as well. But what's most important in a film like this is the action and there's plenty of it and even some cool gadgets along the way. If your a fan of action and superhero film's that you are going to want to give this one a try. Released by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment. *** Out Of *****