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Chicago Massacre:Richard Speck

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Thriller Rated R. On July 14th, 1966 Richard Speck took 9 student nurses and held them raping and beating them to death while one managed to get out alive. As the story opens we see Speck getting into trouble stealing a womens truck and then is in court but the judge decides to let him off with just seeing a doctor for his problems but this was not his first time in trouble by any means so I think they handled him wrong, if they had locked him up maybe the events that followed would of never happened. Corin Nemic plays Richard and really brings out the "crazy" in his character, a performance that highlights the film. Tony Todd and Andrew Divoff as a copy obsessed with catching the killer even without the man power to help. Both of these horror icons(Candyman and Wishmaster) do an excellent job playing their roles as well. Be warned this a brutal film, one that has to be given the material that this true story was based on. You do not see alot of blood here which I felt was a tasteful credit to Director Michael Feifer who did a great job getting the happenings across without grossing the viewer out. I seen a review that said the film was not scary, this is not a horror movie and just the story itself is scary enough as that kinda horrific act can happen anywhere at anytime. If your a fan of true crime stories then you are going to want to pick this up today. Released by Lions Gate Entertainment. **** Out Of *****