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The 4 Musketeers

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Action/Adventure Rated R. D'Artagnan travels to Paris with the dream of becoming a musketeer. When arriving he upsets 3 musketeers and ends up having to fight each one before the cardinal's guards arrive and try to arrest them for dueling but the 4 join forces and fight them off and in the process they become friends. The 4 end up finding out about a plot the Cardinal has to discredit the Queen and fight to foil it. If you read the books when you were younger or seen any of other film's based on the musketeers you will know right off the bat that Director Pierre Aknine changed some things around for this adaptation but still it manages to work. There's plenty of dueling action and not as much of the silly joking around that most of the other film's had in them which I thought was much better. If you like adventure you will get your fill here, there some great action as well as acting and the scenery is breath-taking. Do yourself a favor and go into this with an open mind and you will sure to come out of it very happy you seen it, and like me you might even feel this was they best adaptation in a very long time. Released by Lions Gate Entertainment. **** Out Of *****