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The Shadow Walkers

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Horror Rated R. Shadow Walkers is a story about a group of lab technicians and military personnel who awaken in a subterranean laboratory with no memory of who they are. They quickly discover that they are sealed in, with only one way to get out alive. They must travel deeper into the underground facility to an escape tunnel that leads to the surface. Hindered by the fact there is only limited electrical power, they struggle through the darkness where they uncover a hive of genetically mutated creatures that stalk them from the shadows. Bred for combat, these monsters are endowed with razor sharp talons and rows of jagged teeth capable of ripping a man apart. While avoiding danger at every turn, they begin to regain their memories, discovering the origin of the deadly creatures and the part they played in their creation. Filmed on a obvious low budget the atmosphere and suspense were key to making this film work and I think the Director Mark Steven Grove did a great job creating those with what he had to with with. The cast was average at best but all of them did a good enough role to make their character's work. The make-up was good as well considering the budget here but what really made this work was the atmosphere and setting that kept you looking around each and every corner. If you like film's like "Resident Evil" or any Zombie film then you will enjoy Shadow Walkers as well. Released by Lions Gate Entertainment. *** Out Of *****