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Always Will

Family Rated PG. After uncovering an old relic from his elementary school, Will, a high school senior, discovers he can change his past mistakes. An architect of his life, Will creates the kind of popularity every teenager yearns for. But when his unhappy mom shares regrets of her own, Will is faced with his toughest decision yet. Always Will might not be the most original film to come along but it does have alot going for it that many of the others did not have. Shot on an obvious low budget this family film packs emotions into it to pack even a fantasy more realistic in terms of whats going on in the film and the struggles of being a teenage boy today. The cast is wonderful and really make their roles believable including Andrew Baglini as Will,John Schmidt and Mark Schroeder to name a few of the talented young cast. This is not only an entertaining film but it also takes the what if? and really makes the viewer think which is a compliment to the Director. I cannot recommend this great family title enough as this is one of those film's that the entire family can watch together and everyone can take something away from it. A rare gem today that is well worth owning. Released by MTI Home Video. **** Out Of *****