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Stan Lee Presents The Condor

Anime/Action NR.Tony Valdez (voiced by Wilmer Valderrama) is a college dropout who turned his back on his family’s robotics corporation to become a champion skateboarder. But when his parents are murdered and Tony’s legs are destroyed in a brutal beating, he uses his father’s experimental NanoBot technology to walk again. Now as the superhuman skater known as the Condor, Tony must reconcile a crime fighting conscience with his rage for vengeance. What is the missing component to his parent’s DNA regeneration formula? Why is their sinister ValTech partner creating a race of adrenaline-crazed killers? And who is the depraved super-villain sworn to destroy Condor? Maria Conchita Alonso co-stars as the voice of Mrs. Valdez in this all-new superhero sensation written by Marv Wolfman (co-creator of TEEN TITANS and BLADE) from an explosive story by Executive Producer and comic book legend Stan Lee! This is another Stan Lee Presents anime super-hero film that delivers just what it advertised. Very cool animation, a worthy story and a great super-hero that any fan of the genre will enjoy. Sure it has it's flaws as far as story goes but so does every other film out there and this does a great job for what it is. Wilmer Valderrama does a fantastic job voicing his role as well as the rest of the film's cast. There's plenty of action which keeps things moving along at a good pace that never leaves you bored. I recommend this to any fan of animation or action and the DVD comes with some nice bonus features including:

Available Audio Tracks: English (Dolby Digital 5.1), English (Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround), Spanish (Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround)

Introduction by Stan Lee

"Meeting of Two Giants: Stan Lee vs. Wilmer Valderrama – The Making of The Condor"

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Released by Anchor Bay Home Entertainment. **** Out Of *****