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Supercroc Original Uncut Version

Adventure/Thriller NR. In this non-stop action adventure, an elite military unit must stop a giant reptilian creature from reaching Los Angeles. First off let me I can never get enough of the film's that the people at The Asylum make, for the most part everyone I have reviewed has been an entertaining film. Supercroc is no exception as I thought this was another well-made Indie film and I creature effects were great considering the budget they had to work with. The cast was average, not as good as the regulars over at Asylum but they did the job just fine. Everything worked well here from camera work to use of the effects and the score made this a fun film to watch, if there was one thing I felt was missing from it was there was hardly any gore, with some good gore scenes this would of ranked among one of my favs but there just wasn't any to speak of at all. Still if your a fan of Indie or like so many a fan of The Asylum and their work then you need to pick this title up today, it's an entertaining flick. Released by The Asylum Home Entertainment. *** Out Of *****